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Absolutely must-have course if you are motivated to pass IELTS with a good score. This course gives you all the essential tools you will need during the test. Kris is a very professional and straight-to-the-point instructor. Just got my results, and they have met my expectation. Highly recommended!


Andril Reznikov

CNO Registered Nurse

I would highly recommend ‘IELTS school of Toronto” especially to the ones who are desperate for higher/better scores. I am a testimony myself. With self-preparation, I was a 7 (Overall) (CLBB). In February 2019, however, after a month’s classes with Kris I could manage to clear IELTS with an 8 (Overall) and CLB10. Kris is an excellent teacher and he beautifully equips us with the right strategies. He understands the weaknesses of every student and guides accordingly. He also made sure that our confidence never went down. I thank God for having me trained by Kris. Hope many in Toronto could be benefitted by Kris!


Janeita G N

PR Applicant

Let me start by saying that I took IELTS 13 times, always getting 6.0 in reading and writing, I was hopeless. After doing the things Kris taught me, I finally cleared the exam with 7.5 in writing and 7.0 in reading. Thanks a million, Kris. I do not know how to thank you enough. God bless!


Jasdeep Chatterjee

OCT Registered Teacher

This is my heartfelt testimonial! I did 8 attempts for IELTS General and my writing score never went over 6.5. And then I felt that self-preparation is not enough in writing. YOU NEED SOMEONE TO EVALUATE YOU, and where you are losing your score. I signed up for this course. Day 1 evaluation test, Day 2 I realized exactly in which aspect of writing I’m not able to perform good. 24 hours of classroom sessions, homework, at home practices and a final mock test on Day 8- here! I scored 7.5 in the Mock Test in and 7.5 in the real IELTS test. I cannot be more grateful to Kris.


Jishnu Sundar

PR applicant

I highly recommend this school. Kris was super patient and understanding with my group. He explained everything in a simple yet creative way. I had an overall 8.0 in my first try after a month of full-time studying here. So, here are my results: Listening 8.5; Reading 8.5; Writing 7.0; Speaking 7.5. And to be 100% honest, I could never get this score without his help!


Robin Rideout

MA Student

Kris is a great teacher with a strategic approach. After just a month of prep with him for my IELTS General exam I managed to score 8.0! Thank you again! Recommended to everyone!


Roman Lukashev

PR Applicant

Best IELTS school in Toronto. Friendly and responsible and professional staff… Kris has a great role in my daughter’s achievement; With his guidance she scored L 7.5, R 7, W 7, S 7, overall 7. We made a good choice on time. Thanks guys!


Venera S

BA Student’s Mother

The things I learned have worked big time. Before, my results in IELTS were S 6.0, W 6.0, L 6.5, R 7.5. After two months of studying here, my results are S 7.5, W 7.0 , L 7.0, R 8.0. The things you teach really work!


Wu Yitong

CPSO Registered doctor

OMG! Just got my results, they are better than I expected!!! L 8.5, R 7.5, W 7.5, and S 7.5. I am so happy! Thank you so much for the amazing strategies. I only wish I had come to you a year ago… Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! You are the best!


Ana Luisa Aparecida Munhoz

ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultant


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